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Being brave and being ready to take a bullet!

03:02- Mainik Dhar

Being brave and being ready to take a bullet!

Mainik Dhar’s recently released book 03:02 is about being brave and being ready to take a bullet. This thriller cum fiction novel is a story of combat and more so about being there for your country fellowmen when they need you the most.

03:02 begins with a glimpse of corporate life, the anticipated promotions, the titles we constantly seek, the office parties, celebrations that follow and work-life in general. The book trails into how none of these really have any meaning or matter when terror strikes and our world is torn apart. Mainik notes that these designations and uber job positions we hold so dear to us just crash when everyone around us is terror stricken. Walking up from a hangover at 03:02am post celebrating his promotion Mainik soon realizes that something was unusual and that’s when it all begins.

Mainik paints an illusion of the city of Mumbai when terrorists rampaged and destroyed the city using the international airport as their base. The city that never sleeps was under a terrorist attack and literally during these hours even forty winks was a tough one. When our little world is clouded in darkness, there is an awakening and everyone realizes how crippled we are with no electricity, no phones, no internet, and no working cars. Our total dependence on technology, the lack of it and helping one another during a series of terrorist strikes that rocked the city is what 03:02 is about.

With no authority to govern the city, people went berserk taking law into their own hands, rioting and looting was seen all around. Taking charge from the core society committee, Mainik calls out to his fellow residents to be brave and to do the right thing. He identifies the skills of each person and how they can contribute in their own small way to benefit the residents at large. While some contributed generously without expecting anything in return others chose to tend to only their loved ones.

As the book trails through the series of events it just grips you with anxiety of what is to follow. It was a shocker for many to see gun shots being fired, people being raped and murdered, rockets being launched and people being shot dead, right before their eyes.  Throughout the book it makes you wonder whether the situation will dampen or just improve, will the authorities aid those suffering or will they just be left to fight their own battle. Fate was unseen and no one knew what tomorrow would bring. With the support from everyone around, Mainik builds an army and collectively fights the terrorists taking them down one by one. The quest continues for weeks and 03:02 details this fight for freedom

What would one do in such a situation, it just makes you stop and think. Should each of us have some training in how to handle combat situations or simple self-defense techniques. Would we go out of our way to attend to someone at a hospital or a department store, like Mainik does or just curl ourselves in our home, our protective shell and say goodbye to the world outside. 03:02, is much of an eye-opener to many of us, if we don't help each other today, even our immediate neighbour, will the peace and unity of the country ever be restored? Life as we know it today has become so mechanical that we choose to keep our eyes shut and just focus on us. The recent Uri attacks and surgical attacks were a testament to this, for we cannot predict what is to happen next and hence it’s important to be united.

It’s often the pride of who we are and seeing our own downfall that we are afraid of. 03:02 arouses a vigor and vibe of being Indian and fighting the enemy. Standing tall and standing strong and how together we can make it happen!

Mainak Dhar is the Managing Director of General Mills India and a bestselling author. 03:02 was released in Mumbai on 24th June 2016.  Present at the launch Mainik signed copies at Crosswords, Kemps Corner and spoke about his motivation to write such an exhilarating thriller.

03:02 has been published by Westland and falls under the category of Fiction / Thriller. Copies are available at all leading book stores and on too for INR 192/-.  A contribution from author royalties for every copy sold will be made to the National Defence Fund, which accepts voluntary contributions to help armed forces service members and their families.

Book Courtesy: WritersMelon. I received this book free of cost in barter of a review.

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