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My father is a hero, by Nishant Kaushik

My father is a hero

By Nishant Kaushik

‘My father is a hero’, is a quick read about a father – daughter relationship and portrays the ‘always on the move life’ we all lead.  Juggling work and his personal life, Vaibhav Kulkarni a single parent tries to make both ends meet. His daughter Nisha is the apple of his eye and he makes several sacrifices to ensure she is always happy. Throughout the book, Vaibhav a common man with his meagre earnings does everything he can, from enrolling Nisha for music and singing classes, organizing a birthday party to even surprising her to an international travel trip to meet her idol and diva, Rihaana.  Nisha is also the favorite student in class and is admired for her intellect and consistent zeal to excel, by her teachers. At some point however the story takes a twist where Nisha is unable to succumb to peer pressure of always being the best and comprehend why her parents split.

Its also about the relationships Vaibhav maintains with her teachers, fellow parents, his colleagues and his closest friend. Vaibhav does not have many friends he can confide in but just one close dear friend who he occasionally meets over meals and rarely to catch up for a quick drink.  Its also talks about work-life balance and how one has to manage expectations in an organizaion and work in a competitive environment where everyone is vying for a promotion. It showcases how at times careers make or break a family and how ones priorities become a key decision factor.

A highlight from the book and also a weakness for many of us is the use of credit cards to make ourselves happy. Vaibhav makes a number of credit purchases and is lured into collecting more loyalty and bonus points via using his credit card frequently. To this end, he shops more just to be awarded with a smart phone which he hands over to his daughter.  Even more, to surprise his daughter and to express his boundless love, he even buys flights tickets to Australia and makes hotel bookings too so she can see her favorite star Rihanna perform live.

The book is a good read for any parent and just shows the sacrifices one makes to warrant their child’s happiness.

Nishant Kaushik is also authored four other bestselling novels. He is married and lives in Australia with his son. My Father is a Hero has been published by Srishti Publishers. Copies are available at all leading book stores and on too for INR 97/-

Book Courtesy: I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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